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Common Foot Problems

Instep Pain

Signs and Symptoms

  1. The inside of the foot is strained, has redness, tearing or pain.
  2. At the same time, the patient may have flat feet, wide flat feet or high arches.
  3. Pain intensifies over time.
  4. If the arch pain is caused by plantar fasciitis, the pain will while getting out of bed in the morning, or after staying sedentary for a period or time, but the pain will lessen over time.


  1. Plantar fascia or muscle pain or muscle strain is the main cause of arch pain
  2. Abnormal foot structures (such as flat feet, broach flat feet, high arches) have a higher chance of exhibiting symptoms.
  3. People who stand for long periods of time are at higher risk.


  1. If the pain is too severe and affects daily life, one should seek medical advice for medication and physiotherapy.
  2. Using cold compressions on the affected area.
  3. Performing calf stretch exercises, stretch panels can be used as aid to increase heel tendon flexibility.
  4. Using a small ball to in the arch of a foot massager at light step, in order to relieve tension.
  5. For abnormal foot structures, patients should seek medical advice from orthopedists for an evaluation and custom prescription orthopedic shoes.  
Recommendation 預製鞋墊 Quadra step 預製鞋墊 熱塑矯正鞋墊 處方訂製矯正鞋墊(適應性) 處方訂製矯正鞋墊(功能性) 功能醫療鞋 預製拖鞋 處方訂製矯正拖鞋
Degree of Pain
Low check check check check check check check check
Medium   check   check check check   check
High         check check   check



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