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Pedorthic Technology
Walkaide FES System

Foot-drop patients simply wear the small unit around the leg. Walkaide system can correctly release the current to the specified nerves that activate lifting the foot, to prevent foot drop.

Stroke not only affects daily activities of a person, but also increases difficulty of being taken care by their family members. The main problem of stroke patients is “disability”. The patients should receive physiotherapy treatment for improving their walking ability, and the patients must continue to practice more to achieve better improvement.

Stroke patients feel hard to achieve their expectation because most of them have the problem of “foot drop”. They cannot lift up their foot and need to walk with more muscle power on their knee, pelvic and lower back. It easily causes fatigue and discourages them to walk more.

Functional Electrical Stimulation (FES) is a great invention to activate contraction of shin muscle, in order to prevent foot drop. Electric current is released to lift up the foot in the right time. Patients can walk with better efficiency and are willing to practice more and more.

Traditional FES foot drop device relies on “heel sensor” to control electric current. The problem is that patients cannot successfully step on the heel sensor on every step. Furthermore, the heel sensor must be accommodated inside the shoes, so the users cannot walk barefoot. Another disadvantage is that the of exposed electrical wires would increase chance of injury and have poor cosmetic problem.

「Comparative advantage table」

Walkaide FES System

Walkaide also utilizes FES to provide electric current, but “tilt sensor” is used to do so. Tilt sensor can trace the position and angulation of shin bone, and it accurately releases electric current to lift up the foot and makes the gait smoother. Another advantage is that the stroke patient can walk with barefoot. In addition, the patient is free from the risk of injuries due to external electric wires hanging around. All these factors help stroke patients gaining confidence in walking.

Assessment and Fitting procedure:

  1. The pedorthist firstly does the nerve stimulation test, and checks whether the foot can be successfully lifted up by electric current.
  2. If it is successfully stimulated, proper electrode position is found by the pedorthist.
  3. Connect the Walkaide main unit to the electrodes.
  4. Do the first walking trial to collect data that will be automatically transferred to the personal computer.
  5. Data are analyzed through specialized software and sent back to Walkaide main unit.
  6. Patient is now allowed to walk with Walkaide which will continue collecting walking data. Pedorthist fine-tune the walking data if necessary.
  7. After achieving the best walking data, Walkaide cuff is then fitted and it aims to occupy the Walkaide main unit, electrodes and all the electric wires.
  8. Patient is then instructed how to wear and operate Walkaide and knows the points they need to pay attention.
  9. Patient must be asked to come back for check-up and modify the data by the pedorthist if necessary.

Practice makes perfect, but better practice makes more perfect! Walkaide device reduces foot drop and make you walk more efficiently, and achieving better rehabilitation result.

Moreover, other than stroke, foot drop symptom from the following diseases can also be treated by Walkaide device:

  • Cerebral Palsy
  • Traumatic Brain Injury
  • Incomplete Spinal Injury
  • Multiple Sclerosis
  • Other Upper Motor Neuron and Central Nervous System diseases

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